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4994 Line 10

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Does 4994 Line 10 have a dark past?

This listing contains user-submitted reports documenting historically significant events and personal experiences at 4994 Line 10, Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON, CA, including reports of criminal activity, homicides, deaths, famous residents, and alleged paranormal occurrences. If you have more information about this address, let us know.

reported events that occurred at 4994 Line 10 between 1900 - 2020

According to locals, a barn fire took place on the property. Two children perished in the fire. It was rumoured that a male worker started the fire to cover up the murder of the two children, however this rumour was never confirmed. The oldest publicly recorded owners of the home were William Russell Chantler along with his wife Emma L. Chantler, and their son Clarence Russell Chantler. Clarence Russell Chantler was killed in action at the age of 20 in Somme, France. In more recent years the home was bought by Paul Michaelis and partner Dana Stehr. They sold the home in 2011. Current residents are unknown. UPDATED: FEBRUARY 22, 2020 AT 2:07PM

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Thank You!!!


Thank you. My parents were local in the area for a little while so my brother and I know some of the history. Unfortunately I only have the general information stated here. It is only based on what we heard when we were kids. I would check books and archives for the full history of your home. Good Luck.


We don't know much, but we have experienced some unusual things (paranormal). May I ask where you got your information? Or do you have any resources where we could find more information on the property or area in general? Do you have dates or names?


Is there any other information I should add?




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