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reported events that occurred at 2876 Albert Street South on January 21st, 1983

This home was the scene of the high-profile murder of JoAnn Thatcher Wilson, who was the ex-wife of Canadian politician Colin Thatcher. Colin Thatcher, a former Tory cabinet minister and son of a former Liberal premier, married JoAnn in 1964 and together they moved to Moose Jaw. Colin developed a successful career as a rancher, farmer and politician. The Thatchers' relationship eventually turned sour, marred by Colin’s infidelities. They were divorced by 1980. A series of acrimonious custody, access and matrimonial property battles ensued. JoAnn took custody of their two youngest children and married Mr. Tony Wilson. They moved into a house at 2876 Albert Street South in Regina. A few months later, JoAnn was the victim of an attempted murder. A bullet from a high-powered rifle passed through a triple glaze glass window and struck her in the shoulder while she was standing in her kitchen. You can see the cast on her arm in the picture below. JoAnn was so terrified by the attempt that she gave up custody of her youngest daughter. No one was charged with the attempted murder. On January 21st, 1983, JoAnn was found murdered in her garage by a man who happened to be walking by the home when the murder occurred. The witness stated that at around 6pm, he saw JoAnn’s car pull into the garage. He continued walking for about a block, when he heard loud shrill screams behind him. He turned back to investigate, when he heard a single loud sharp noise and then silence. He saw a man emerge from the garage. As he walked further, he saw JoAnn’s body lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the garage. JoAnn had been beaten and then shot to death. Twenty‑seven wounds were inflicted on her head, neck, hands and lower legs. The injuries included a broken arm, a fracture of the wrist and a severed little left finger. A single bullet entered her skull causing death. Her ex-husband, Colin Thatcher, was suspected almost immediately, but wasn’t arrested until May 7th, 1984. One of Thatcher’s ex-girlfriends testified that he had a bitter obsession with JoAnn, and that he expressed numerous times that he wanted to kill her or arrange someone to do it for him. After the murder, he allegedly said “I have to admit it is a strange feeling to have blown your wife away”. Thatcher was found guilty of first-degree murder, and received a sentence of life imprisonment with no eligibility for parole for 25 years. Thatcher has steadfastly maintained his innocence. He was released on parole in 2006, and wrote a book titled Final Appeal: Anatomy of a Frame. The Saskatchewan government seized the profits from the book and donated them to victim groups.



R. v. Thatcher

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