This was a mail-order cottage from the Aladdin Company of Bay City, MI. It cost about $750 complete and was shipped by rail to the station in Delavan and then trucked to site. A seperate one car garage was also built but that was destroyed by a falling oak tree in 2009. The house originally had no bathroom. When John Burrows of Evanston, IL bought the house circa 1953, he installed a toilet and sink but made it a point to bathe every morning in Turtle Lake. Residents remember him as being very formal and wearing a white shirt and tie in the evening as he sat on the porch watching the sunset. When he died in 1987, he left the house to his niece, Joan Martin of Naperville, IL. She and her companion, Linda Barnes, used the house (Jolin Cottage) during the summer as it was never winterized and only heated by a beautiful Spiegler heating unit, circa 1947. Joan added the seperate shower room off the kitchen. Linda passed in 2002 and Joan in 2013. Joan left the cottage to Linda's brother who, because of a leg injury was unable to manage the many steps from drive to cottage and from cottage to lake and reluctantly sold it in 2014. Linda became a minor local celebrity by being the only person known to actually catch a turtle while fishing in Turtle Lake. She let it go.