This home appeared on an episode of the Sci Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters". Investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) spent about three days in July studying the home, where they recorded an image of a human-like figure in one bedroom, a heavily breathing and wheezing voice in the basement and a speaking voice on the third floor. LeBlanc had told the TAPS team about a time last Halloween when the third-floor closet door swung open so hard it bruised his leg. When the investigators were upstairs, they were trying to remember whether the door opened or closed, and they recorded what sounds eerily like, “The door opened.” LeBlanc and John O’Connor, 33, started renovating the first floor of the two-family home LeBlanc co-owns with his father in 2002. They saw doors flying open and heard a child giggling, something they attribute now to a young, somewhat mischevious ghost. There’s also an older male voice and visitors have noticed a wordless woman in the windows in the past. O’Connor said he’s trying to research the history of the house, but hasn’t come up with much — just scant Fire Department records of a 1911 coal oven fire, which do not say whether anyone died.