Triple murder-suicide. On December 6, 2011, Adepso Collado, 28, of Jersey City, burst into this small white house, carrying a gun. He shot and killed his estranged wife, Kenia, 26, her 31-year old boyfriend Jose Guzman, and Kenia and Guzman’s 14-month old son, Matthew. Collado then shot himself, fatally. Following an argument with his estranged wife Kenia and her new boyfriend Jose Guzman, Adepso Collado drew a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol Monday night and began to open fire at around 7:30pm. The 28-year-old first shot Guzman and his 14-month-old son Matthew, then wounded his estranged wife's roommate, whose name has been withheld. Seconds later, Adespo Collado cornered his wife in the bedroom they once shared and killed her. He then went downstairs, according to Defazio, and had a conversation with his young daughters Evelyn and Emily, according to De Fazio and relatives. While brandishing the weapon he used to kill their mother, Adepso Collado apparently asked his children "Do you want to go to heaven or go to hell?". In a note found in Adepso Collado's car, the motive of the rampage was due to the disintegration of the his marriage with Kenia, and the killings were planned.