I want to know more about this house so if you have any information about it please let me know. Sorry about any spelling or grammar errors. If you want to look at the house here is a website, that I couldn't link, about it from when it was for sale: https://www.redfin.com/IN/Indianapolis/8703-E-82nd-St-46256/home/60044767 I am going to try to keep this in somewhat of a timeline. The people who lived in the house before my family seemed to have run out quickly because the landlord said they left mid-lease and they left some of their things including a work out chair thing in the furnished basement. I don’t remember if I told anyone about this, but on the first few nights my family lived at the house, my left closet door would open about three inches and it never opened during the day only at night. I didn’t think anything of it because the knobs didn’t need to be turned for the closet doors to open and it just kind of latches itself shut, so I just assumed that the house was on a slight hill causing the door to open all the time. I was getting tired of the door opening each night, so before I went to bed that night I put my school bag, that weighed maybe 25lbs although I had been told multiple times that it weighed a lot more than that, in front of the door. When I woke up the next day the door was fully open with the bag squished slightly between the closet and the bedroom doors. My brother, Nick, would constantly see a man in the basement, in the room with the water softener right beside a weird hole in the concrete, with either a plumber or construction person outfit. He would also see people in the doorway of his bedroom closet, or what he referred to as his LEGO closet, it was the bigger closet, I say that because his room had two closets. We took pictures around the house and found a few orbs throughout the house until we got to Nick and his brother’s room where there were orbs all over the picture. Although there is probably a scientific explanation for it. One weekend my mom had a couple of friends over, they were drinking and didn’t feel ok to drive so they stayed the night in the basement, the room behind the office that had a bed in it. The next morning they told mom about how they heard “demonic growling” coming from the closet. They never stayed in the basement again. I moved to the basement so that Nick and his brother, Chase, didn’t have to share a room anymore. I didn’t hear the growling in the basement for a while. However every once in a while I was pushed when walking down the stairs, I would normally catch myself. One time I was walking down the basement stairs and I felt something grip around my ankle and I fell almost all the way down the steps. I wasn’t allowed to go down stairs for the rest of the night because my mom was scared that I might have had a concussion. There was one nightmare that I had a couple times that are even creepier when you know about something that happens later. The dream is in a school building and I am looking through someone else’s eyes but know that whoever they are they are in danger, in the dream, but there is one part in particular that I find creepy the first time I had the dream the person walks up to a computer and they see a girl in the computer screen in the distance, the second time she is closer and she kept getting closer, the fourth time I had the dream her hand was on the screen and she was close enough I could see her face, well as much that wasn’t covered by her long black hair I saw a red eye and a frown. The fifth time there was a small crack in the screen and she was grinning with sharp teeth. The sixth and last time I had that dream the screen was shattered and I didn’t see her. Every once in a while I would sleep on the couch in the Livingroom and one night I was sitting on the couch and looked into the kitchen and saw what looked like a person standing with their neck at an almost impossible angle. I looked away and when I looked back it was gone. One night we ordered pizza, I can’t remember from where, but I remember that it was about two hours and the pizza still wasn’t there so we went outside to check the roads to see if the delivery person just couldn’t find the house. After a few minutes, I was the only one outside and I saw movement in the edge of my vision, coming from across the street. I saw a man standing on the other side of the road and he started walking across the street before I was able to say something a car ran straight through him and he disappeared. Then the pizza delivery person showed up and explained how he couldn’t find the house because he thought the 3 on beside the door was a 5. One afternoon the family was cleaning, Nick was cleaning the basement main room, my sister, Brittanie, was cleaning the Livingroom, my mom was cleaning the kitchen, and I was cleaning the bathrooms. I run down to the basement to get Windex for the mirror but out of habit I go right towards my room at the bottom of the stairs instead of left where the basement’s main room is and I hear my brother yell, “Lauren, I know that’s you!” and I run into the room to ask what was going on and he looks at me and pales, he then asks me almost as a question and almost hoping to get a different answer, “You weren’t the one sitting on the stairs staring at me?” I answer “no” and he pushes past me and runs up the stairs. He later told me that there was what looked to be a girl with long black hair covering most of her face with sharp teeth in a sort of grin sitting on the stairs looking at him through the bars on the railing. Nick has what we think is his guardian angel because he only sees her when he is sick or about to have surgery. One time he was sick he decided he was going to record himself sleeping on the couch, the phone was knocked over in the middle of the night. My friend came over one weekend and we decided to download an app that was supposed to be an Ouija board and we asked questions, I didn’t believe it was working, and I don’t remember this but an hour had passed that I wasn’t aware of and I kind of woke up in the basement’s main room and my friend and Nick told me I was possessed, I am still skeptical about it till this day, but they said that whoever they were talking to claimed to be the ruler of Hell and told her and Nick them how they were supposedly going to die. A different weekend we used a different Ouija app in the Livingroom and something came up that said that we were talking to a little girl who was raised by wolfs or coyotes and when we said to prove that she was real to show us a sign then we heard howling followed a bang on the window. The next message that was received said “Nick needs to come outside” and he obviously didn’t want to and then a message said for us all to come outside so we went outside and it said to go to the tree so we went to the tree and there was a paw print in the mud. The conversation lasted the rest of the night until goodbye was said. My mom and her fiancé were in bed, he was asleep and she started to feel pressure on her chest so bad it was hard to breathe so she stood and crouched at the foot of the bed trying to get deep breaths, her fiancé was slightly shaken awake and saw a hand in his vision pointing towards where my mom was. I think he brought her to the hospital. More things happened but we stayed till the end of our lease but we left a few things one being a few signs with a business phone number that was also our home phone number. So not too long after living in our new house, we got a call asking about weird noises and if we dealt with anything when we lived there. We talked to them for a while. One afternoon we get a call about how in a house that all the doors were shut and locked, all the windows were shut, and no one except their dog was in the house the dog was pushed out of the second-floor window of the room that used to be Nicks bedroom. The last I heard of the people who moved in after us was that they got a divorce and moved out mid-lease.