Tom Haines, 51, Lisa Haines, 47, Kevin Haines,16, murdered by Alec Kreider, 16. Alec Kreider, a classmate of Kevin Haines, was charged with burglary and three counts of criminal homicide. Police were called to the Haines house at 2:24 a.m. May 12, and found the three victims dead inside. Kevin and his parents had been stabbed to death. Kevin's sister, Maggie Haines, 20, found her mother sitting up in bed and her father lying on his back. Maggie ran to a neighbor's house to get help after her mother told her to. Maggie was the night's only survivor. Kreider, 16 at the time of the killings, returned to his mother's house on nearby Cobblestone Lane after allegedly killing the three. Alec Kreider was committed to a mental health facility, Philhaven, after threatening suicide. While there, he allegedly confessed to his father, who contacted police. Alec Kreider was arrested at Philhaven on June 16.