I've been doing paranormal research on this apartment complex since 1995. The complex is fine but it's apartment 123 which has had paranormal problems. Starting with the tenants who lived there in 1982, a lady I interviewed said she had several paranormal issues with the apartment. A heavy feeling of being watched, cupboards making noise by themselves opening and closing and a very negative feeling when in the apartment. I then made contact with a woman and her daughter who lived there from 1985-1992 and they stated the same feelings of a heavy, dark entity. They both stated the cupboards opened and closed on their own at night, a dark oppressive energy, growling and the daughter stated she had a few incidents where she felt not in her own body and felt angry, punched walls etc. Once they moved the anger vanished. There was a report of entering the apartment alone and the mother feeling unsafe, she felt she needed to get out right away and didn't know why. The apartment had no tv on at that time but she walked down the hallway and felt a full blown panic, her heart was beating fast and she felt this gut feeling to get out. Suddenly she heard a weird sound which can only be described as a tv on very loud then being muted on and off. It lasted a few seconds before she left the apartment. The mother and daughter moved out in 1992 and reported feeling emotionally normal again and much better since leaving. In 1993 a woman and her two children and husband moved into this apartment and the husband who normally was a friendly and fun guy started to change. I interviewed the family in 1998 and he stated he became angry for no reason and started punching walls and heard growling in the apartment and felt the desire to get a knife and stab people. Once they moved, he said the rage and anger went away. I was unable to make contact with the person(s) who lived there after the family until I made contact with a woman in 2009 who stated she lived in the apartment from 2000-2001 and said she always had problems when she lived there. Bad luck and felt uneasy living there like she was being watched and felt very oppressive energy. While I made contact with this woman, she stated she heard cupboards opening and closing and uneasy feelings. I then left my investigations alone for a number of years until 2017 when I did research on the apartment building again and found listed a woman who lived there from 2015-2017. I found her via social media and asked her if she ever had issues with this apartment. This woman at first told me not to contact her again and I left it open on her end to do so and left her my email. Two months later she emailed me and stated she doesn't believe in ghosts but believes in demons. She said she was hesitant to contact me due to her deep religious beliefs but decided her experiences might help others. She stated when she lived there she felt evil in the apartment, besides bad luck, religious items such as a cross and statue fell off the walls and table and broke. She was angry and frustrated living there and moved as soon as she was financially able to. She stated she knows there were demons or something demonic in that apartment and felt it from the first day she moved in. I have been trying to make contact with anyone else who might have lived there. The apartment complex itself was built in 1978 and beside this apartment is a park. There is not a whole lot of information on the area at least that I could find. I've spoken with a couple people that live within the complex but not at that specific apartment and they said their apartment is fine and they never had any paranormal issues. I spoke with a woman who lived next door to this apartment from 1986-1999 and she stated there were a lot of people who've moved in and out of there. I made contact with the woman who lived upstairs from this apartment and she stated when she lived there 1985-2003 she often heard growling from her floor, yelling when the apartment was empty or being painted for new tenants to move in etc. Often hearing mumbled voices, to the point she ended up moving after years of hearing it. She also confirmed many have moved in and out, some stayed a few weeks or months and some stayed years which she thinks was mostly due to financial reasons and not because it was safe to be there. I would be interested in doing more investigation into this place. The apartment is still there, the complex of course still there and I am sure new tenants are living there. I could not find any evidence of a crime happening within the apartment but my research is limited.