814 Moorefield Memorial Highway, Sunset, South Carolina, known as The Shamrock House, was built in 1925 as a family compound. There are three dwellings found on the present property, but the main cabin is where all the ghostly occurrences seem take place. The legends surrounding the hauntings begin with a party that took place in 1927. A young woman (a teen) and her two friends were supposedly hired to provide upstairs entertainment for the gentlemen attending the soiree. But one, in particular, who was named Nancy, bailed out after arriving and having second thoughts. She went upstairs and locked herself in one of the bedrooms while the party continued as planned. But then, Nancy got word that her father had found out she had been hired as the evening entertainment. He was a hardcore preacher who carried a gun. Legend has it that Nancy apparently became overwhelmed when she learned he was on his way to the house, and she would have to face him — and own up to her transgressions. Perhaps Nancy had been drinking prior to locking herself in that room. But that probably didn't matter. She took an overdose of laudanum that she found (or had?) and died, either before, or after, her father got there. The date was Friday, the 13th of May, 1927. Ninety-one years later, the guests who stay in the big cabin report all sorts of weird goings on. Footsteps are often heard when no one is walking. There are unexplainable cold spots, even in the summer. Lights turn on and off with no help from humans. And doors have been known to open or close all on their own. The Shamrock House was also used as the filming location for the low-budget erotic spoof film "The Hills Have Thighs."