"It is an abandoned asylum in Louisville Ohio. It was used to institutionalize many individuals with many issues mentally and physically, but is known for not just that but for the Tuberculosis treatments it specialized in. Molly Stark was built in 1930’s but then was closed down in 1950. The hospital was sold for 5 dollars to the state, because of all of the repairs needed. I have heard that often times the nurses would take the children who were infected with TB and wrap them up in blankets for fresh air, and set them up on the roof. Many children however would roll off of the roof and fall to their deaths. Lobotomies were also performed in this hospital, along with electroshock therapy. Some of those admitted would endure ice baths also. It is speculated that a lot of the patients were mistreated as well. They would lock some up in rooms and just wait for their screams to end. Not just ones that were admitted died but also doctors and nurses..."