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What Happened at 7512 3rd Avenue South?

BirminghamAlabamaUnited States

  • 2014

    For nearly 2 yrs. there have been shadows, lights (orbs) and sounds that cannot be explained. EVP's have been captured. Dogs wake from their sleep growling & barking in the direction of the hallway or kitchen but nothing is ever there. Voices can be heard. Usually they sound as if they are coming from the basement or the office which is off the kitchen. The feeling of someone watching is sometimes overpowering.

  • 1997

    More bones uncovered: A renter's dog dug up the bones of a human arm when the dog got into the basement. The renter moved & no other bones were discovered to my knowledge.

  • 1986

    Unsolved murder: Police discovered the body of a man who had been stabbed in the chest. They said his body had “popped” indicating he had been down there for some time. He was never identified. It was assumed that he was living in the basement, had gotten into a fight with a companion & stabbed. That was the end of the investigation. There is still a bedroll in the basement that I was told belonged to this man.

  • 1984

    Home Inspection unearths bones: The bones of the man killed in 1940 were discovered when a pest control guy came to the house to do a termite inspection that was required when the new owners bought the house. The coroner's office removed the body leaving a grave-like indention in the basement that remains to this day.

  • 1983

    Natural causes: Female owner of home found dead in pantry of heart attack.

  • 1940

    Man suffocated by coal in basement: The house was empty in the winter of 1940. The story goes that a homeless man was sleeping in the basement during a cold snap. At some point before Christmas, 1940, the house was sold. The new owners ordered a load of coal to be delivered. The police surmised that when the coal truck dumped the coal into the basement, the homeless man was sleeping below the coal shoot & was smothered.

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