Lyle Eliason was having some mental issues. His wife Frances Rose, known as Nancy, was a nurse at the local hospital. He was an instructor for the state Job Corp program and the family was in the process of moving to Idaho because of a new job opportunity for Lyle. Arrest and newspaper articles give no information on any troubles between the couple. On the night of July 7, 1975, Lyle put a bullet in the forehead of his wife and one into each of his daughters, Christine Marie 13 and Marcie Ann 11 at approximately 11:00 pm while they were sleeping in their beds. He then lay across the foot of his wife's bed and shot himself in the head, where is body was found. A concerned relative called the police after no contact with the family for an unusual amount of time. Local law enforcement responded and entered the residence through a window and discovered the carnage. The family lived at 724 Sampson Ave in Butte, Montana and the residence still exists today.