Murder-suicide. Luis Miguel Almeida, 33, attacked his partner Kok Aun Tee, 37, before killing himself, police said at a news conference Tuesday. Officers on patrol were flagged down by a family member on Aug. 7 around 3 p.m. to check the well-being of someone inside. Police forced their way in and found the bodies. Const. Jay Murray wouldn't be more specific about how the men died or whether any weapons were involved, other than to say Almeida's injuries were self-inflicted. The homicide unit was investigating and police previously said the incident posed no risk to the Westwood neighbourhood where the house is located. Neither Tee nor Almeida were known to police, Murray said. This is the second homicide this year in which a suspect has killed himself, he said. Both involved couples. Police were called to a home on Buckingham Road on May 21 and found two adults dead inside.