What Happened at 6915 East Guadalupe Road?

MesaArizonaUnited States

  • 2017-2019

    This place has always been known for being haunted. The story goes that before the school was built, the land was a corn field (there's still corn fields all around) and the man that owned it had ran over his daughter with his tractor that was plowing/harvesting the corn while she was playing in it. Apparently ever since that incident, the school has been haunted and I 100% know it is. Here's why: I used to work here during the summers for a children's summer program where kids were always there, mostly from 8am-5pm were the busiest hours, 6am-8am were dead, little to no kids so we were pretty slow. One morning at 6:30 in the morning when there's usually only 1 kid in the whole camp there, I was in the gym with a co-worker waiting for the kids to come start our game of kick ball. Me and him were just talking and all the sudden we hear children running in the hall laughing and slamming the doors. We both heard it so he got up to get the kids thinking that maybe they were messing around or lost. He opens the door and I am right behind him ready to start taking names to keep count on who is about to come in and there was NO CHILDREN. NONE. We asked the front desk how many kids were there so far and she responded with '2' and they were both in another room. Me and him looked at each other completely in shock. It ended up happening again moments later; doors slamming, children running, laughter, yet no one was there. We ended up leaving and going to another room and wait for kids. Another experience I had was while I was on bathroom duty, and I was just sitting on a bench outside the restrooms so the kids weren't out in the courtyard alone (bathrooms were outside). There was no kids and all the sudden the hand dryers in the girls bathroom turn on. I get up and look to see if there was a child and there wasn't, yet the dryer was still on which was odd since you have to push the button to turn it on. My third and last one I will write, was again in the gym of the school. I was there in the morning awaiting for kids to come in and I heard footsteps on the roof. This was something a lot of us employees experienced and they were so clear that they most definitely footsteps!


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    • ampella

      posted 8 months ago

      i went to this school a few years ago, and i can vouch for the hand dryers turning on by themselves. My gym teacher had all the girls sitting down in the locker room so she could go over what we were doing for the day. And in the middle of her talking the hand dryer went off while nobody was in the bathroom behind her, and i thought nothing of it at the time, i just assumed it was a draft. But then my teacher said something along the lines of "oh, that's just lilly the ghost." I don't know if she was just saying that to creep us out or if it really is true, but it's so interesting we had similar experiences with that! I also do remember the hand dryers going off by themselves a couple times when i was in the bathroom alone, and then i think one time i heard a stall door shut on its own.

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