New Docuseries Reveals Shocking Details in Indiana Murder But a new docuseries chronicling the investigation into the case suggests her crimes were far more grisly than anyone anticipated. The horrific true story began with a missing persons case in 2014. She was sentenced to life in prison. Cochran told the court she thought that was only a joke—but according to prosecutors, it wasn’t. Still, in a new docuseries by Investigation Discovery, "Dead North," neighbors reveal they believe they were served Regan's remains at a barbecue. Under a plea agreement, the 35-year-old will receive a 65-year sentence. According to Investigation Discovery, Cochran's brother said he believes his sister is a serial killer with as many as nine victims. Frizzo, the first female city police chief in the Upper Peninsula, was relieved of her duties by the Iron River City Manager just as she claimed Cochran admitted to "having other 'friends' buried in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota," according to the network.