This house is hunted by a small boy . Around the age of 2 or 3 years old. When we would throw parties in the back parking lot , many of our guest would point out seeing a little boy through our back room window . We would go inside to check and we would always find the room empty. My aunt once went to check in the middle of the party and she claim seeing a boy run under our bed as soon as she saw him open the the door. She told him to go back to the party and to leave the room immediately; as she bend down to look under the bed she found no one but bulky items that took the majority of the space under the bed, making it impossible to have someone hide under . I personally saw him, not knowing anything about the “kid ghost “ yet . It was around 11pm , had just left the restroom and was in the hallway when I heard the door creaking as it opens i found someone peeking from my room , and for some wild reason I thought it was my smaller sister checking upon me . I was waving and making hand gestures to go back to bed to the ghost, while thinking I was talking to my sis . Couldn’t really identify their face features since it was during the dark and the ghost was literally peeking from the door just showing half of their left face while the right side was cover from the door. Yet I remember him making that confused expression like “are you talking to me ?” And as I got more frustrated I got the handle of the door and the moment I swang the door open i went in shock and scared to see my sister in bed asleep .it wasn’t until later that I shared my story with my family and found out we all had something to tell. My dad said he has heard small foots run around the hallway during the night and check on us to see if it was any of us. My cousin that used to rent a room with us said in the middle of the night someone will try to open the door of his room even if it was locked the door knob would move. It wasn’t until later that year that for some reason we decided to clean the attic of this house and found old stuff of the previous people that lived there . We felt a cold chilling sensation when my mom found the baby blue blanket that had the initials of the child on it. On the side with a white little cabinet with blue little ducklings imprints. My mom decided to leave everything back on its place , and we just turn a white candle for him and prayed for him. It’s honestly sad knowing that there is a little boy stuck in that house , waiting for someone or something.