The house looked nothing like it looks now. I was just a rental, with only 2 floors inhabited. We would be sitting downstairs in the living room and hear, continually, something heavy being pulled across the floor upstairs. None of the residents were upstairs whenever this happened. Other times, at night, we would hear heavy footsteps on the stairs. The first time this happened, I was alone, and my roommates were about 5 doors away, on 5th Street. I was baking and had the stereo on with the volume loud. When the record finished playing, I heard a bang. I walked into the hallway and found our cats all sitting at the bottom of the stairs looking up the staircase. I then heard something being dragged. I waited a minute and when the cats ran to the door and wanted to be let out, I ran down to where my roommates were at. They were surprised at the look on my face when I went into the apartment they were at. I told them what I heard and the reaction of the cats. One of them laughed, but the others said they had heard similar sounds when they were alone. We called the ghost "Larabee" (I don't know why) and sometimes at night a roommate could be heard, from their bedroom yelling "Go away, Larabee". Wonder if anyone who lived there after this experience anything?