Family of ten dead after carbon monoxide leak. Police identified the parents as Jesus Orejel, 50; his wife, Graciela, 48; and the four sons and four daughters as Angelica, 25; Jesus Jr., 22; Luis, 21; Margarita, 19; Salvador, 18; Patricia, 16; Graciela, 12; and Ernesto, 10. Stein, the medical examiner, said the mother and father were found dead in their beds. One young man was found next to the kitchen stove, and another in the basement. The rest of the family members were found in their bedrooms, Stein said. Ed Joyce, spokesman for the Peoples Gas Co., said the furnace was only about 2 years old. Joyce said a weld had parted in a piece of stainless steel piping that connected the furnace to a vent pipe to take the exhaust out of the house. When the weld broke, the steel pipe separated, leaving a 3-inch gap all around that allowed furnace fumes to fill the house, he said.