Older home in Oakwood area, My Grandmother and Grandfather owned this house for about 2 decades. House was sold shortly after my Grandfather's death in 1999 (He died in hospital). House was already 70-72 years old in 1982, so it's well over 100yrs old now. My older brother spent many childhood summers here, He had strange experiences all over house and property, He claims once "Tigger" (from winnie the pooh) was on His chest and He could not breathe, I myself saw for a split second what what looked like a large hairless or skinned cat sitting in the upstairs near the stairs in front of the bathroom just staring at me with large yellow eyes, I never went upstairs alone even to use the bathroom after this is was too creepy, the bathroom has this guillotine style window that always gets stuck and if you take a shower up there you feel like someone is in there with you. While going up or down that hard creaky wood staircase you always felt like you were being pushed or being chased. This place was always cold inside, regardless if it was summer or not, attic was drafty, super creepy feeling of being watched constantly. Stairs to attic gave you the same "chased feeling". My cousins all have vivid memories of this house, We all had either night terrors or strange spooky dreams while sleeping here. Once I was sitting on the verandah with my mother, aunty and grandmother, when the living room window made a loud banging noise and there was nobody inside the house. My grandmother once saw the spectre of a woman in a long white gown while down in the laundry room washing clothes. Someone else owns this house, I don't know how many times it has changed hands since my grandmother sold it in 2000. I would love to know if anyone who lived here or is currently residing here has experienced anything similar in the home.