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What Happened at 563 William Avenue?


  • 2010-2015

    The surrounding area has been improved, new play structures, new apartments, even new laminate flooring wall-to-wall eludes the truth behind the walls in the specific area of Kate street at William Avenue. These two streets intersect at a point, but don't be fooled! At first glance they may lead you to think thoughts of Prince William, and his beautiful family; wife and 2 kids, but there's nothing royal about this ought-to-be-condemned building being terribly run down by a sophisticated gang of criminals and masterful liars who sit on the board of directors, all independent home owners, jointly invested in keeping their criminal activity under wraps by ANY means possible. Including harrasing innocent people out of their life time investment, whom in their minds pose a significant threat, threatening their livelihood, which risks exposing them for who they really are and what they really are doing behind the tags spray painted on the 1906 red brick crumbling and sinking walls. Do not buy into the pie-crust promises and empty words of the man who will try to sell you this place he has listed, and do not be swayed by the super low interest you can mortgage this air with no rights and laws being broken almost daily. Not to mention the tickets for parking you can get! Turn the other cheek and don't look back!

  • Last updated a year ago

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