There are many stories about how this house became haunted. The one I know is one of a girl who was gifted the house from her parents for graduating school. Soon after they were unable to afford it and had to sale the home. The girl became so upset. She went into the garage and hung herself. After her death, the family tried to sell the home but kept experiencing paranormal events. During open houses to sale the home weird things would happen, unplugged radios would turn on by themselves scaring potential buyers. Neighbors would find the cement blocks (the have these weird parking cement blocks in driveway) in different positions. There are also random stories of people going in the home and waking up in the garage or back yard. Maybe someone else can speak on this part. Eventually the family went to get help from their local church and had their Monks come out to the home in hopes to rid the paranormal activity. Not too sure what happened but I assume it did not work. The monks are said to be the ones who put up the random boulders/rocks in front of the house. It is some type of feng shui to keep the spirits in the home and to not harm anyone. The Monks agreed to take over the home as long as no one was to move in there. The house is still unoccupied but has a caretaker. Many have found out about this home and have tried to go up to the door and knock. But there are now cameras, bright lights and an alarm that will sound off if you go past the front gate. I am sure many people can add to this but just wanted to share my info.