The building where two of the victims of serial killer Montie Rissell lived. During the early morning of April 8, 1977 Rissell took a steak knife from his family's apartment and sat on a grassy area between his apartment at 437 N. Armistead St. and 5400 Morgan St. Aletha B. Byrd drove in the parking lot of her apartment building. 5445 N. Morgan St., and Rissell followed her into the building elevator. When the elevator door closed, Rissell flashed the knife and told Byrd, "This is a stick-up." The elevator stopped in the basement and Rissell forced Byrd out a side exit and told her to give him her car keys. Under Rissell's instructions, Byrd drove to near Lake Barcroft in Fairfax County. Rissell told her he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and she agreed if Rissell would not hurt her. At the lake, Rissell sexually attacked her twice, according to the signed document. Rissel, and Byrd returned to Byrd's car and Rissell told her to drive to N. Pickett Street. Byrd told Rissell if he didn't throw the knife out of the car she would drive into a tree. Byrd started speeding and Rissell reached over with his foot and hit the brakes. The car skidded to a halt, according to the papers. Byrd jumped out of the car and climbed over a barbed wire fence that borders a wooded area on the east side of N. Pegram Street. Rissell chased Byrd into the wooded area where he struggled with her, and then stabbed her with the steak knife. She fell and Rissell continued to stab her 14 times in the chest. Jeanette McClelland, 24, of 5445 N. Morgan St., was accosted in the elevator in the same fashion as Byrd and was forced to drive her car to Holmes Run Parkway. Rissell forced McClelland to a secluded area and had sexual intercourse with her twice. He then told her to drive to the dead end of Knole Court in the Hamlet apartment complex and forced her to walk to Holmes Run Creek. From there they walked through a large culvert near the spot where they had been earlier. Rissell and McClelland retraced their steps and Rissell stabbed McClelland in the chest under the culvert, the papers said. McClelland fell and Rissell continued to stab her in the back. He dragged her across the culvert, then stabbed her in the chest a total of 24 times. After covering her body with rocks and debris. Rissell walked home and went to bed. He got up later, washed the steak knife and put it back in the kitchen drawer.