In late 2015, police were called to a home in Kansas City, Kansas for a domestic dispute. When police arrived, a woman who lived there told them if they looked around the property they’d find the remains of a child. Officers found 7-year-old Adrian Jones remains in a livestock pen. He lived at the home with six siblings Adrian Jones’s short, tortured life was spent isolated from outsiders, confined in filthy, mice-infested houses where he was “home-schooled” by the parents who ultimately killed him, according to court documents. But the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and stepmother was meticulously documented, through dozens of surveillance cameras. As his family moved from place to place across Kansas and Missouri, his stepmother captured photos of the horrors, images stored online and later recovered by authorities. His was a brief life of great suffering, as described by police and prosecutors. In several instances, Adrian was shown strapped to a table and blindfolded, or standing in neck-deep water in the family’s dirty swimming pool overnight. In other photographs, his mouth looks bloody and bruised, his teeth rotting, his hands swollen from being restrained, the Kansas City Star reported. In another picture, Adrian appears to be tied up with a plate of food in front of him, a bar of soap in his mouth. his killers: his father Micheal Jones and step-mother, Heather Jones.