What Happened at 506 North Indiana Street?

RoachdaleIndianaUnited States

  • July 28th, 2007

    Moved to this house in July 2007, always felt something off about this place, especially upstairs. I had this inescapable feeling that something was watching me, my friends reported an indesribable heaviness. One day, while home alone, I decided to roam through the house and came downstairs into the kitchen and found the deed to the house sitting in a drawer dated for 1832 as the date the land was bought to build the house. Then another date for the 1860s that had been blacked out, and finally the date the house was built was listed as July of 1907 (or something close). Even more eerie is prior to buying the house, the realtor did not know if a deed existed. How I discovered it remains a mystery. Fast forward a few months in, and we hear nonstop sounds coming from upstairs during all times of the day, like someone was dragging their feet along the carpet. Doors would open and close, could not blame wind, the only source of air upstairs was the bahtroom window, the others were sealed into place. I ended up recording a series of EVPs of the house, of a set of different voices speaking over each other, sayings he's coming (as I was walking up the stairs), a voice whispering bathroom as I went into the bathroom, a cackle I assumed was a woman. I had an electric fan that would turn itself on and off, we thought it was electrical and upon inspection, other than the outlet being date, the wires were fine. Then came the more disturbing things (I never did an EVP after the time I mentioned, deciding it was enough). Items would move in the detached garage, the bins we stored in it would move and knock to the side with no one there. Our dishes randomly exploded as we tried to wash them. These things cotinued for years, all the pictures would hang sideways on the wall, even after we would fix them. Things would often go missing to be back a few days later. Finally, I eventually moved out and into a place nearby with my sister. I stayed one night, as my younger brother was still in high school, and was woke to the sound of something scrambling around upstairs, knocking and tossing things around, I thought it would wake my mom up and she never heard anything. I discussed it with my brother the following afternoon as he came home from school and as if it was rehearsed we both stood as something started beating along the dining room walls rattling the small chandelier above the table. After that day, I never wanted to go back and my visits were never long. I tried to ask some older folk about its history and was shied away. No one really wanted to say anything. I asked my mom as I became an adult -- it was her house -- if she knew anything about it being haunted (she only said she recalled seeing a large dark shadow move from downstairs to the kitchen and disappear). If anyone has any information regarding this house, please let me know.


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      Would you be interested in a paranormal investigation? If so please contact me at

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      If you need anymore information you can go to your local library and ask if they have any records for your house or go will start with your county clerk, recorder, auditor, or state registry of deeds; these offices might allow you to search online, but for the most complete history, you should visit the office in person and request any physical records available.

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