I grew up in this home, but had many paranormal experiences here. Hearing footsteps/doors opening/rustling when home alone, random things disappearing then reappearing not where I left it, growls, whispers, shadows... you name it- I experienced it. The upstairs bedroom with the South facing window always had an especially heavy energy. Once I reached a certain age I could hardly stand to be in that room. Once late at night I heard rustling coming from the garage (my room was over the garage) while I was watching a movie. Every time I would pause it, the rustling would stop. When I finally decided to go to sleep, I heard the rustling again- very clear this time. I looked out the window (facing the driveway) and saw that the garage door was open and the motion sensored lights were on. Then I saw a shadow of a person walking inside the garage. I woke up my dad and he searched the entire property, but no one was to be found. On top of that, nothing in the garage had moved or had been stolen, despite there being thousands of dollars worth of tools. The rustling had spanned over 45 minutes. I had some strange experiences in that house.