Billionaire couple, pharmaceutical industry magnate and philanthropist Barry Sherman of Apotex Inc and his wife Holly, were found dead in their mansion at 50 Old Colony Road in a mysterious tragedy. Hours after their bodies were found in their 12,000-square-foot Toronto home on the morning of Dec 15, 2017, a homicide detective at the scene ruled it was a murder suicide, and the Sherman case was presented as such in the Canadian Press, with sworn police documents obtained by the Toronto Star describing the investigation in relation only to Honey’s homicide, and made no mention of Barry being murdered. Those who knew the Shermans were outraged at the accusation, and they believed that both Sherman deaths were murders. Six weeks later, Toronto police agreed that the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman were a double homicide. It has been over a year since the Sherman murders, but the identity of the killer or killers is still unknown. In October 2018, due to little visible movement in the police investigation, the Sherman family’s lawyer, Mr. Greenspan, organized a news conference at Apotex to announce a $10-million reward for anyone with information on the killer or killers. The Sherman family has launched a private investigation into the case, and Mr. Greenspan also criticized how the Toronto Police have handled the matter. Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has supported his police officers' handling of the Sherman case. The Sherman mansion is currently being sold for $5.2 million, and can be found on the luxury real estate website Mansion Global.