My fiancé grew up in a 150-year-old house in downtown Toronto (Collahie Street) with his mom and grandma. His grandma would always see strange things and talk about them but it was always written off as her dementia. When my fiancé was about 2-5 years old, he would always “play” with a little girl in the house, who he can still remember to this day. She was about 4, judging by how he describes her size, with long straight red (auburn) hair with thick bangs, and she always had on a white nightgown that looks like a style from the early 1900s. He called her “the little redhead girl”. They would sometimes play in the closet in his mom's room. He showed me where there were scribbles all over the walls. Every now and then, from the hallway, he would also see what he assumed was her mom. She was dressed in the same type of old-style nightgown and had VERY long red hair that was down, and almost to her knees. (This is weird for the 1900’s look of her because at that time, women always wore their long hair up.) She would usually be sitting in a rocking chair in his mom's room, which looks out into the upstairs hallway. He was always a little freaked out by her. When he was a bit older, and was downstairs in the house and would look up to the top of the stairs, he would always get a strange feeling like something dark was watching him. His room was upstairs in the house and at night, many times he would hear something whisper his name into his ear. The last time this happened was when he was 19. His grandma told him that he had to ask them to leave and that they weren’t welcome in the house anymore. He never heard the whispers again. Soon after, he moved out. I’ve tried to see if I can find any details on children who’ve died in Toronto around the turn of the century but it’s next to impossible.