Things that happened in home were: heat/ac being turned on full blast (Heat in summer AC in winter), TV's turned on/off when no one around, 3 knocks on the back door at several times of the day, hot water suddenly becoming ice cold while showering well before the tank was empty of hot water (Less than a minute of running), things tossed into air, doppleganger children (you'd see one of my daughters in a room that they were nowhere near), possible short possession of my children's father, children sleepwalking/night terrors, someone picking up other end of the line while I was on phone nobody in home but me (children were in school, their father was working), when investigated the upstairs phone was in fact off hook laying beside phone cradle a full search of home validated nobody was playing games and had snuck in anyway the doors were heavy and you couldn't get in/out without me hearing unless I had earphones in blasting my ears which I didn't at all that day, full apparition (SOLID) and touched witness, my stepdaughter, hearing names from other people in home's voices and they say they didn't call out for us (I'd hear my kids call me or they would hear my voice call them when it wasn't me or vice versa), cat apparition would be seen out of corner of eye (Actually that was one of the better things that happened as I love cats lol), neighbors would see an apparition in window prior to us renting there, and last but not least, the shower doors mysteriously coming out of the track almost injuring/ could have killed my children who were getting out of shower, and they said the reason they even were getting out is the doors started shaking ON THEIR OWN! nobody was jumping or roughhousing. After that we were given notice the home was sold, and that we had a month to leave, honestly we would not have stayed after lease was up anyway!