A man shot himself in the head while sitting on the basement steps. His 2 daughters came home to find him. I remember looking out the window and seeing them walking up the driveway. I got interviewed by the police because I had seen two men in a gov. work truck in the driveway earlier that day. One of them was carrying what looked to be a shovel. Anyway, he committed suicide. A few years later when new owners bought the house, the daughter was sitting on our patio with some other neighbors. She mentioned that she and her parents kept hearing what sounded like footsteps on the basement stairs. We did not tell her what happened there but we all looked at one another in disbelief. In fact the woman across the street from the house, kicked my leg under the table. I wonder if folks living there still hear the footsteps. The younger daughter was the one who took action to call the police. She was always a very strong (mentally) girl. I was sad to learn recently that she died.