Formerly "Dove Tree" apartments now known as "Windbury" I Lived in Apt 204, upstairs, near the front of the complex and had several unexplained experiences in my time there. First experience I was alone in the apartment it was dark and I was trying to nap on the couch I closed my eyes and felt instantly uneasy I opened my eyes and saw what looked like a shadow of a man in a hoodie and ball cap standing next to the couch facing me, his back towards the big window. I was spooked I blinked several times but he was still there. I then jumped up and turned on the lamp and it was gone... Second incident my now "x" boy friend, good friend J and I were in the bedroom playing video games. I remember feeling a sudden chill in the air and at almost the same time some thing had caught their eyes and they both looked left out the open bedroom door towards the bathroom and followed whatever it was with their eyes towards the kitchen. Looking extremely freaked out and confused J said " holy Sh*t! What the f*ck was that?!?!" my "x" had a similar reaction and looked out the door to see if something or someone was in the kitchen. No one was there and the front doors were still locked... "J" dropped his remote stood grabbed his things and left. Turned out what they saw was a dark grey humanoid like shadow move through the hallway from the bathroom and disappear in the kitchen entrance. J would tell me " I don't know what the f*ck that was, it was like a person but not"... Third experience in this apartment I would have to say was the creepiest. At this time my "×" had moved out and it was just me living alone in this apartment. This was a little frightening so I had a set of blue lava lamps going in my bedroom at night. One night while I was sleeping I woke to what felt like an arm wrap around me and hold me. "X" having had moved out in the last few days and me being so exhausted and half asleep, for some reason it didn't click that it wasn't him holding me... Laying belly down I cracked open my eyes and saw laying next to me a perfect humanoid shadow with no features just black. I closed my eyes again and at that moment just realizing what I was looking at I felt it roll on top of me. I couldn't breath. I struggled for what felt like quite a while and then it was gone, dissipated. I got up and went into the living room only to be up for the rest of the night. I never slept in that room again and moved out shortly there after... We had a neighbor down stairs and across from us who claimed to have had strange occurrences in his on apartment and went pale when we told him about ours. He wasn't there very long before he packed his things and moved out... I'm sharing in hopes to hear more about this particular apartment complex and hopefully the apartment itself.