A family of five was beaten to death with a hammer by a teenage boy who felt angry and stressed about what he perceived to be their mistreatment of him. Christopher Churchill was staying with his brother, his brother's fiance and her three young children when he grew enraged at their reaction to his failure to win a card game. That night, while they slept, he used a hammer to bludgeon the two young boys, the 12 year-old girl, and finally his brother and the children's mother. All attacks were immediately fatal except for the young girl, who Christopher raped as she lay dying. He then hung around the house to eat and sleep, then molested the children before eventually leaving the house. He was seen returning to the house multiple times before the bodies were discovered five days later. Christopher pled not guilty but received multiple life sentences for the crime. As of this writing he remains in prison and is attempting to get a different sentence due to new legislation that questions the validity of life sentences for people who commit crimes as juveniles. The exact location of the murder house was apparently kept intentionally vague by the media, likely because the town in which it took place is a very small rural area in the Illinois countryside (around 800 people). I was able to track down a nonfiction crime program called "Killer Kids" which covered the case in an episode entitled "Ticking Time Bomb" which aired on August 6, 2014. Within the first ten minutes of the episode a local police officer (who was involved in the discovery of the bodies) is shown driving through town, explaining the course of events, and explicitly points out the house where everything took place. A subsequent shot actually shows a closeup of the address on the house and the shot after that shows a closeup of the intersection of North Noble and Lucey where the house sits. A quick look on Google Earth confirms the location of the house, though the address given for that location is a few digits higher than the 448 shown in the program.