I grew up in this farm home, my parents rented it. So many paranormal things happened to me, my brothers, my mom, and my step dad while we lived here. To start there is a very angry male in the basement who we believed did some very horrible things. He did not like anyone going into the basement and would chase you back up the stairs or turn the lights out on you while you was down there. He even told one of our family friends to get out and chased him up the stairs so he is a very strong entity. Then you go into the kitchen where my mom seen an apparition of a man standing in front of the stove. Also, one night there was banging on the doors and my dad went to check it out and no one was there. The only people in the house was him, my 8 year old brother, and a friend. They couldn't figure out where the banging was coming from even when they went outside the banging continued and no one was there. Time to tell you about upstairs... Upstairs is were all the activity really is! There are 4 bedrooms upstairs with one bathroom; I was putting my moms laundry away when I heard a little girl tell me to look under the bed. No one else was upstairs. My little brother wouldn't sleep in his room (the second room to the left) because "Emily" was mad at him for being older than her. This little girl followed him from our previous apartment. My older brother had a hard time sleeping in his room (the first room to the left) because this room is VERY active!!!! He kept having dreams of a claw coming out of the addict door and he'd wake up with that door being open. He would also wake up to kids playing with his hair and whispering, "shhhh... he's waking up". We had the video game "wii play" thrown directly at my head and all my cousins and brothers witnessed it. I had an ex boyfriend try to kiss me and he got a burning sensation on his back and so I checked and there were scratches on him. We ended up having to move my brothers dresser in front of the attic door because it wouldn't stop coming open and things kept coming out of it... my brother got so fearful of this room he tried doing salt around all his windows and using crystals for protection but ultimately ended up moving in with my bio dad. Now we are going to talk about my room (1st room to the right) this room always felt sad and there was something in my closet. One time I was laying in bed asleep when I heard the closet door open... I looked over and this thing started crawling out. It was on all fours it had crazy hair like a lions main and it was old but young looking with greyish colored skin that was wrinkly. Its clothes were worn out. It crawled all the way up to my bed and looked over me with its head cocked. my dog was shaking like a leaf and frozen. The wall under the window looking out to the road just busted one day. Like it looked like it had been kicked from the inside of the wall. If you go up to the attic then you will find tons of suitcases, one was locked so my cousin busted the lock and inside we found a blood stain on the silk interior. the blood stain was as big as a softball. We are pretty sure there is something outside in the barn as well because at night it is always eyry and a physic once told me not go outside at night because the man took a liking to me. There are many other things that happened here but these are the ones that stick out in my mind.