My family and I moved into this house when I was around 10, or whatever age you are when you hit fourth grade. From the very beginning there was paranormal activity. The first incident was before we were even moved in, we had only moved the couch into the living room. Me, my mother and two brothers were sitting on said couch, waiting for my step father to return with food, when suddenly there were some heavy footsteps coming down the hallway but on the roof walking towards us, we all froze and stared up at the ceiling just listening and exchanging glances. All of a sudden the heavy foot falls stopped right in front of where we were sat, but above us mind you, and suddenly there was a super loud bang. It sounded like if a huge log had been dropped onto the roof right above us. We were so scared we all ran out of the house and went looking up the roof for anything that might explain it but, there was no up there and even if there were, the roof is steepled so , it's impossible to walk in a straight line like that. It was just the beginning, so many things happened in that house over the course of the 15 years I lived there, not only to me and my family but anyone who stayed with us. When my parents lost the home, it laid abandoned for over a decade, it was finally purchased recently I noticed, as I'd check up on the place with google maps from time to time. I wonder if they're going through the same thing.