A 39-year-old Goose Creek man shot two men to death, dumped them in a hole in his backyard and then set their remains on fire, along with his clothes and the towels he used to clean up their blood, according to an arrest affidavit. James Edward Loftis, of 413 South Pandora Drive, where the burned bodies were found in a shallow grave, is charged with two counts of murder. Loftis’ wife, Wilda Loftis, went to the Goose Creek Police Department and reported that her husband was having suicidal thoughts and told her he “killed them and put them in the backyard,” according to the affidavit. Shortly after, officers responded to Loftis’ home and he voluntarily told them what happened. Loftis said he took a cab home early that morning from a strip club and that afterward the cab driver and another unidentified male banged on his door, the document states. The two were looking for cab fare and pushed their way into the home, Loftis told police. After being threatened, he told them, “I’ll get your money,” and returned with a .45-caliber handgun. He fired eight shots at the two men, killing them. Loftis then relocated the taxicab to Old Back River Road and walked to a Kangaroo gas station on Red Bank Road, where he bought 5 gallons of gas, the affidavit states. When he returned home, Loftis told officers, he cleaned his residence with bleach and put the towels, his clothes and the two bodies in a hole in his backyard before setting it ablaze.