I had lived in this house for over 15 years. Growing up, I use to play with an imaginary girl named Sally. My mother use to hear a little girl calling for "Mommy", and all her children were sleeping. My sister and cousin use to hear a little girl picking something outside the larger upstairs bedroom window every spring. She would say, "This one for me, this one for mommy". My parents sold the home. I dated a guy who was friends of the current owners. We went to the home, and the women asked me if the house was haunted. She told me, one night her youngest was crying, and an older daughter was freaked out, because a little girl appeared to her, and said "Don't worry mommy, I will take care of her." . This little girl is not a threat, and has not made her appearance known in any other way. No doors opening, no knocking, nothing like that. Just what is described above.