We rented a nice fairly new house - 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Two years old Four houses were on the street. Almost isolated area next to highway toward Las Vegas. While I was looking at water bottle crock in the kitchen, the man suddenly appeared next to me that lasted few seconds. I thought my mind was tired. Later I was watching on TV around 6 AM, the blackest shadow of young well built man (naked) without hair on his head. He ran from my son's bedroom who was playing video game toward my bedroom. I saw him in my own eyes. I said "Hey!" and got up and walked to my bedroom. It disappeared. My son stayed in his room. In the afternoon I was on computer, unseen kitty's paws gently clawed on my upper thigh. I looked at it, my older cat was in my bedroom asleeping. Sometimes I felt someone watched me doing ....I told the landlord about this. So happy to move out !