What Happened at 3542 Simsbury Court?

CarlsbadCaliforniaUnited States

  • 2001-2009

    I grew up in this house, and CONSTANTLY (like every week, on replay) there was eerie sets of footsteps going up and down the staircase even when I was home alone.. I would wait at my door with a blunt object ready to hit an intruder, however, no one ever appeared. And once, early in the morning my sister and I were dead asleep and my mother was downstairs watching television in the living room around 5am, my father had just left for work and there was a loud banging that seemed to originate from my parents room, which was above the living room. My mother froze in fear as the walls shook and panicked thinking someone was upstairs with her children. She called my father and he returned home, and one last enormous bang was let out upstairs, my father raced upstairs and found nothing.. Lastly, at one point we had the office tucked away in a room. My mother and my sister and I had all left to run errands and my father had stayed home and was working in the office. He heard the garage door open (the garage door leading from the home into the garage, not the actual huge door) and heard someone run up the stairs. He assumed it was my mother but for some reason called us after about 2 minutes of the incident, and asked my mother "did you just come home to grab something" and my mother replied "no we're shopping?" my dad was spooked to say the least.


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    • Ghostfucker69

      posted 2 months ago

      Dam bro that's crazy

    • EndgameArchitecture

      posted 5 years ago

      That's super creepy

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