Lovers quarrel gone wrong. The homeowners wife was having an affair with a Fresno Police Officer. The wife went out of town for the weekend with the couples two children. The Fresno Police Officer came to the home to inform the husband that he had been having an affair with his wife. Things turned violent and the Fresno Police Officer ended up handcuffing the gentleman in the living room and beating him to death with a baton. When the homeowner failed to arrive at his job, a salesman at Haron Jaguar, Sharon Haron (Haron Jaguar wife) went to the home to locate the employee as this behavior was abnormal for him. She noticed his car still at the residence and went into the backyard to see if there was anything abnormal. When she peered through the sliding glass door, she saw the individual handcuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp. I wish I could find the article on this, if anyone can please share it.