I'd like to know more about this house if possible. Its a older historic home which I love and the house was built in 1914 so i know it has history. My 2 children and I stayed there for a brief moment. While being there, there ALWAYS was an UNEASY feeling and also the feeling of being WATCHED. I slept in the front bedroom upstairs which over looked Crown Hill Cemetery and was ALWAYS COLD, even in the summertime. On winter nights I'd sleep with the heat on, a comforter and a space heater, and I'd always be shaking uncontrollably most nights. My daughter slept in the middle upstairs bedroom which was always warm and comfortable. But that back bedroom my son slept in, was peculiar. He never liked sleeping in there because he said the closet door opened at night on its own. So because i thought he was exaggerating a bit I came in his room a few times and put a triple folded small piece of paper in the door that would make the door hold extremely tight, by the next morning the paper would be popped out the door and on the floor with the door still partially opened. It just didn't make sense. Now the bathroom was a totally different story, you could not take a shower with out looking out of the shower curtain every 2 minutes! It felt like you were being watched or someone was in the bathroom with you. There would be times my children would be at school and I'd be taking a shower and I KNOW I was the only person in that house... but it always seemed as if I wasn't alone. I was glad to get the hell out of that house. I even talked to my neighbor who lived to the left of me which said he'd been living there over 30 years and seen people come and go, and no one would stay the whole term of the lease. I just found that mighty odd. I only made it 9mos. You couldn't PAY me to move back in there RENT FREE. All in all I just would love to hear anything about the houses resident history and anything interesting that would explain the creepiness my family endured during our stay. Thanks in advance.