This school has a long and tragic history. For six months I was the solo night School Resource officer for the active campus with active dorms; both students, and spirits. The school has multiple buildings with some being over a hundred years old, a maze of underground tunnels, and a past laid with death, disease and gruesome misdeeds. An old graveyard that once was on property made way for a major street along the south side of the schools borders. Multiple children's deaths in the early 20th century due to disease or poor health, or the woman in white that watch over the old dorms. The shadow men that followed in the tunnels, even the art work following you are moving. All truly terrifying, but the child spirits that followed, played, moaned, cried, and pranked made it difficult to be alone. The museum room on property holds many treasures from the past, but about midnight on any given evening, to trespass in this vault of historic momentos could spark the campus in a stir. I have had more then enough experiences within this campus walls, and still feel a heavy presence anytime I'm near the school.