The landlord only cared about getting paid. He refused to fix anything around the house or provide services that were included in the lease. He refused to fix the washing machine and caused dirty water to constantly spill onto the floor and into our apartment, lied to us and told us the basement was a legal basement (we later got a notice from the city to vacate the apartment because it was not a legal basement), lied to us and did not tel us there were other tenants who lived in the other apartment in the basement, refused to clean the mold on the walls, would not replace leaking kitchen and bathroom faucets, caught his teenage kids peeping at my wife through the living room window on several occasions, would change the wifi password and not tel us, threw out belongings in the backyard and damaging our belongings, he threatened to evict us if we refused to pay him an extra $100 per month for his utilities (utilities were included in the lease), his wife and 2 kids would come down and yell and scream and bang on our door to scare my wife and infant and toddler kids, randomly would cut power to our apartment for several hours, they refused to open the door for the Bell technician to hook up our internet, their house has mice and is infested with centipedes and other insects and bugs, would not give us a mail key and we would receive our mail several weeks late (sometimes not at all), threw our Amazon packages down from their second floor balcony, spilled dirty water from their balcony onto our deck, would make loud excessive noise late in the night, and he would come down and yell and swear at me for leaving the light on in the hallway. Him and his wife are terrible individuals and should not be landlords. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.