This house is definitely haunted. Our first night there we heard footsteps upstairs. Cabinets would open on their own and have had objects thrown at me. Our dogs would bark at nothing that was there. Did some online research and found a historical certificate. It was once known as the "Bullen House" We had gotten some pictures with weird images in them and some EVP recordings telling me "to get out" The upstairs bedroom was the worst it felt heavy and thick. The youngest was home on military leave,and something kept moving his dog tags.It has since sold after we moved. I really feel sorry for the new owners whatever is in there is not a Casper friendly spirit! The home was also full of mold and showed signs of insect damage. While I was cutting out old pipes a syringe went flying across the room and found tons of old animal feces under old vents. Every summer we would battle fleas.NOTHING would get rid of them. It needs torn down!