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What Happened at 325 Bogert Avenue?


  • April 26th, 2013

    Man stabbed to death in home invasion. A man was fatally stabbed in his ground floor apartment as he was exiting his shower.

    • DJ7777777

      posted 2 years ago Toronto police investigate Monday night on the scene of a double-murder at an apartment building on Bogert Avenue in the Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue area. Police have since confirmed that both victims died of gunshot wounds. - Staff file photo/ANDREW PALAMARCH Two brothers murdered in a North York apartment building stairwell Feb. 20 died of gunshot wounds, an autopsy confirmed. Justin Waterman, 18, and Jerome Waterman, 22, were found dead in the parking garage stairwell of 325 Bogert Ave. near Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue. An autopsy found Justin died of gunshot wounds to the head and thorax. The cause of death for Jerome was gunshot wounds to the head and back. Multiple shell casings from a semi-automatic firearm were found at the scene. Police had said the brothers were targeted. Witnesses told police the suspects ran west from the building into Earl Bales Park. Descriptions of the suspects haven't been released. Anyone with information is asked to call the homicide squad at 416-808-7400 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477)

    • DJ7777777

      posted 2 years ago

      Don Daniel Robert Saperstein Johnson Case history I've took the witness stand in my own defense trial 3 weeks ago, having to explain text messages etc.., I'm recalling missing text and placing them in the proper context is quite the task, especially when the Crown has distorted the order by removing rearranging and deleting text that to further destroys there lies, they have carefully handpicked what they think can be turned into a narrative that they can spin into a negative accusation, while the murderers, are walking around! It's interesting how the Crown Cressman and Daniel D'Santis, her junior assistant and Police have stereotyped me with what they thought represents an individual whose social environment of the rap and urban criminal subculture, limited my personality, lexicon and education in a world sense, and much more, my and my friends understanding our our communication in slang. The blatant corruption by 18 plus Detectives, Crown Crees man and Det. Warden, who is sitting in the courtroom since day one, lying to my homies parents everyday, mocking them! My heart goes out to my homies, and all of the individuals who have been falsely accused wrongfully because of corrupt Police and Crown corruption, its a emergence that should cause alarm.... This is very upsetting and emotional at the same time, just to think of my friend and his bro, gone too young, and the worst, the murderers are elsewhere, free, while there fingerprints, confession and even a photo is all available to the Crown and Detectives. This case reeks and reflects some kind of vendetta against me or just plan ignorance and laziness. The Crown has fought since the beginning to exclude hard evidence in this case that proves even more my innocence. The jury was shown the most vital 1. Murder weapon, which was caught in the hands of the murderer or a conspirator, 2. photos of two potential murderers or conspirators criminals whose prints were found near the murders. Numerous tenants in the building complex witness to suspects running in blacks, Caucasian in ethnicity specifically, is what all witnesses stated, as well as several foot prints that didn't match anything I own. The Crown objected while I was testifying, fearing I would mention the last name of a Doug Merkinbek. I'll tell you why, Doug committed the murders of my friend, along with whoever else was most likely with him, my suspicion would definitely be the individual in the pic posing on Facebook, "Mercer", either prior of after the murders (the pic was shown in court this week) and at closing on Thursday by my defense team. The Crown has fought to have this guy as an agreed statement of facts, the guy who confessed to the murders, in possession of the gun, walking around free!!!! I have pondered this over and over with family and friends.....he is either an undercover cop, nark or snitch, deep, deep undercover, and this explains the MURDER WEAPON ENDING UP BACK ON THE STREETS IN 2013, A YEAR LATER....SUPPOSEDLY, POLICE HAD TAKEN IT FROM MERCER! QUESTION, where the HELL is Mercer........why wasn't he charged, why WAS I CHARGED........ I'LL TELL YOU......ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND, GOT INTO A DOMESTIC ARGUMENT ON HER BIRTHDAY, AT MY MOTHERS PLACE,325 BOGART....THERE WAS SOME PUSHING AND SHOVING, SHE WAS BRUISED A BIT, I LEFT THE SCENE, WE MET UP LATER AND WENT TO QUEBEC CITY, AS IT WAS OUR PLAN, SHE STAYED AT MY MOMS PLACE, TO TALK TO POLICE WHEN THEY ARRIVE ABOUT THE DOMESTIC, SHE WAS GOING TO TELL THEM THAT EVERYTHING WAS OK, AND THAT WE WERE DRUNK., THEY DECIDED TO CHARGED ME, WITHOUT ME BEING PRESENT, HER ARMS WERE BRUISED. AFTER THEY LEFT, SHE CALLED ME AND SAID THEY WANTED TOT TALK TO ME, WE LEFT FOR QUEBEC, WE ENDED UP STAYING IN QUEBEC FOR 8 DAYS, DURING THIS TIME, DETECTIVE WARDEN VISITED MY GIRLFRIEND PARENTS AND HER BEST FRIEND, AND TOLD THEM THAT I HAD KILLED HER, AND SHOWED HER PICTURES OF MERCERS MURDER WEAPON, BEGGING THEM TO AGREE THEY HAD SEEN ME WITH IT!!!! The Crown pushed that the individual in the pic, who was only charged with possession of the weapon, (be a protected under his statement, that according to his cell phone, he was not in the area that day) but yet, proudly uploading a pic of the murder weapon on FACEBOOK!!! MY QUESTION, LIKE EVERYONE ELSES CELLS PHONES, WAS HIS PHONE AND ALL CONTACTS AND CALLERS CHECKED OUT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, DID THEY CHECK HIS PHONE AS FAR AS JANUARY 2012??????? Back to Doug M. the Crown objected because of another agreed statement of facts that the Crown and the last judge Baincourt backed, WHAT JUDGE WOULD PROTECT A GUY, WHO CONFESSED OF THE KILLING, AND EXONERATE HIM BASED UPON HIS WORDS, PERTAINING TO BEING ON POSSESSION OF THE MURDER WEAPON!!!!! Doug M. (Caucasian male) confessed to the murders of my friend Justin and his brother Jerome, to a female witness, the Crown fought endlessly to discount the female witness, after she approached Police and came forward at the Preliminary trial, they pressured and intimidated her and labeled her a drug addict, once she appeared on the same day as Mercer, who was in custody, she never showed up again, and later changed her story, she should have been put into witness protection and rehab! This speaks to the evil the Crown and crooked Police will do in Toronto, there are numerous cases will do, to set anyone up whom they feel can't hire a Greenspan or have big money, they fear wealth and respect it only, regardless of it's source, as sometime between court breaks, they gossip about the rich, the Crown gossips about wealth and greed. What is more disturbing, is during my testimony, I was testifying to a phone call I received from my friend, a week before he and his brother was murdered, the brother was nearly murdered, and they tried to reach me to assist, I was moved emotionally while speaking to why I didn't want to get involved, the Crown laughed while I was moved emotionally, what else can I say about these individuals whom live off civil salaries from tax payers, and they act like undisciplined animals in a civil setting, with no respect for Her Majesty or proper law and investigations. I reiterated to the jury, that me and my friends and associates were involved in only robbing drug dealers and living from the proceeds of those robberies, I'm not happy at my lifestyle then, but we never robbed or harmed individuals outside of that world. My dads Rabbi business partner dropped in on court this week, family and friends, most of you and others not online are busy working, thank you for your prayers in my vindication, although you can't attend court, I'll see you all later. I have a group of my peers monitoring this trial, where all the evidence points to the real killers of my fams/homies, that the Crown and Detectives have fought to have as agreed statements of facts, which excludes hard evidence pointing at other people, the Crown has fought that no jury could see these facts and then way fairly! I was actually shocked that this case was allowed to proceed again! In closing, God Bless all my fams, friends, friends I haven't properly met yet and secret supporters of the light . Love and peace to my homie Justin and his brother Jerome, miss yall, to your parents fam, they know I'm innocent. I pray the jury are sane people who can see through the lies presented to them, as 7 weeks of there lives have been bothered, with a cover-up of Police corruption, on my back and on the lives of my friends and there parents, who have to sit through all of this......

  • February 20th, 2012

    Two brothers shot to death in parking garage: Justin Waterman, 18, and Jerome Waterman, 22, were found shot to death in the parking garage stairwell of this apartment.

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