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What Happened at 32 Carrick Avenue?


  • 2014

    Evelyn Dick is my great aunt, This was her residents when married.

    • kenziesamantha

      posted 3 years ago

      hey ! i really hope you see this. my name is mackenzie wall. i’m 16 years old. john dick was my great uncle. i was hoping you and i could talk for a minute !! :) my email is

  • 1986-1987

    I lived at 20 Carrick, and I knew the lady who lived across the street from 32 Carrick. They tore down their ole dilapidated garage and redid the whole back yard. They showed me a bone they found by where the garage was. OMG I told her it looked like a leg bone and that all John Dicks parts weren't found. She questioned about turning it in. I told her if she did and it was human, the whole street would get dug up especially her yard! The bone went in the garbage.......So where is Evelyn's daughter Heather at these days?

  • 1976

    Back in '76, I had a seasonal job delivering mail during the Christmas rush.. it was a fun job and paid pretty good cash for a 16 year old. I was assigned to deliver mail to 3 streets during this one month: Carrick, Spadina & Melrose. I had just finished reading the book "Torso" a few months before, so was really interested when I realized that I delivered Mail to 32 Carrick. Even went so far as to take a photo of the house from across the street. So after 30 years, the house looked exactly the same as in the book. Didn't check the rear of the house, so can't say about the garage...

  • 1946

    Mummified baby found in attic. Was home to convicted murderer, Evelyn Dick. During her trial for the murder of her husband, John Dick, the mummified remains of a baby boy were found in the attic of this home.

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