Emil & Jessie (Kotva) Martin bought this house almost new - the previous owners lived here only about six months before a transfer with Campbells' forced a sale. This home, and most of those in Highlands West, were built to accommodate employees of Campbell's. This was the "Junior Executive" model by Hamer Homes. Jessie liked it because the linen closet was in the bathroom and not in the hallway. They moved in with their daughter, newly graduated from Central College in Naperville. Emil finished the basement and brought along a large concrete laundry sink from the family two-flat on 27th St, Cicero. Jessie died the next year of cancer. Emil remarried in 1964 and, since his new wife didn't want to live there, he sold the house to his daughter, Joan, a PE teacher at Naperville HS. Joan lived there until her death in 2014, sharing it from 1975 to 2002 with her companion, Linda Barnes. They travelled, pursued their Ed.D's, and lived a comfortable and happy life together until Linda died of cancer in 2002. Joan bequeathed the house at her death to Linda's younger brother and his husband, along with a trust fund for caring for her and Linda's two cats. The house was reluctantly sold because job transfers were unavailable. Joan & Linda were active in the community and were advisors for Special Olympics and officers for APHERD, including the presidency of that organization, and they were involved with securing Title 7 funding athletics for women. After retiring from Naperville HS, Joan taught at Wheaton College and Aurora U. until her sudden passing the morning of 7 October, 2013 at home. Joan was 76, Linda 60. They are side-by-side at Chapel Hills West, Oak Brook Terrace, IL in the Hope wall of the mausoleum. Jessie & Emil are buried in the Rose Cross section of that cemetery.