The 31 R. Bica dos Quatro Cantos, in Pernambuco, Brazil is a house where three eccentrics lived: Neto, Salvador, and Pedro Higino Marques da Silva. They were the most “calm” residents in the bairro, but were also very strange. Starting in 2008 (the date they went to reside in that house) there was nothing uncommon about them. However, as they began meeting the new neighbours, Mr. Salvador (who is an authoritarian), the father of the two younger Neto and Pedro, began telling his kids not to interact with them. Pedro and Neto showed much love to their father, but Pedro was in a elevated level of love to his father. He would say “I love you” two times an hour and embrace him in three and three hours. Neto was more private, more strict. Pedro began studying in the Rotary Club de Olinda in his younger years. As he had a few arguments with his father, Salvador and Neto began taunting Pedro in a strange manner: The two would embrace each other, and kiss themselves together. Pedro did not care much to their behaviour, and let it go. However, when Pedro began to see his doctor, the doctor said that he needed medications, which Pedro strongly refused to take. In one incident Pedro was forced to take a medication, resulting in a scuffle in which Pedro fetched a knife resulting in Neto throwing a chair into him. He cried very much in this episode, and only agreed to take his medications in 2017. In December 2014, the Marques da Silva family acquired a adopted dog, named Jonas. There was only one strange story about Jonas, which was Bill (a relative of Salvador) masturbating Jonas and Jonas ejaculating. Other scuffles in the house includes one which Salvador threw a knife at Pedro, because he said that Salvador was going to be “his whore”. His father challenged him, saying: “Take it! Take it!”. Because of problems in school, Pedro went into several arguments with Neto frequently. Normally, Pedro would ran away from the house, either by jumping into the garage door and bumping at it, or just opening the door and walking away. Because of those incidents, Pedro’s father began to be more restrict with his son. In one such incident, Pedro began screaming to his neighbours: “I have a revolver!” Neighbours, questioning it, became curious. Then it was when Pedro went out of the house, armed with a screwdriver and throwing chairs nearby. Pedro’s father was walking in the beach that night, and was only warned of his son’s rampage when neighbours phoned him because Pedro become more violent. Pedro’s behaviour during the rampage included taking his pants down, showing his penis and buttocks, and demanding the media to film him. His rampage eventually ended at the Casa da Benção (in front of it.) Pedro attempted to jump at the Casa da Benção’s door, but was restrained by his brother, Neto, who almost killed Pedro with asphyxiation by bear-hugging him so strong. After those incidents, they moved on, and now, their current house address are unknown.