A family’s tragedy played out for years in the province’s courtrooms in a contentious case that, in the end, had no resolution. Aset Magomadova and her daughter, Aminat, came to Canada as refugees after fleeing war in Chechnya. Russian soldiers killed Magomadova’s husband during the conflict and part of her foot was blown off by a bomb blast. Aminat was troubled and rebellious, becoming involved in drugs and occasionally violent. On the morning of Feb. 26, 2007, Aminat was supposed to appear in youth court to be sentenced for assaulting a teacher several months earlier. Aminat refused to go, sparking a physical confrontation with her mother. During the fight, Magomadova strangled her daughter with a scarf. A judge acquitted Magomadova of second-degree murder in 2009, finding her guilty of manslaughter instead. The Crown successfully appealed the verdict and won a new trial, but Magomadova’s lawyer won a judicial stay, arguing Magomadova, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, was too ill give a full defence at a second trial. The Crown successfully appealed the stay of proceedings and Magomadova was headed for a second trial in April 2015 when she died of cancer.