Allen Legere- serial killer. He escaped custody in April of 1989 (while serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of a shopkeeper, John Glendenning) and remained free for seven months. He became known as the "Monster of the Miramichi," the provincial region where he carried out his murderous rampage. The grisly sex slayings of 75-year-old Annie Flam and sisters Donna and Linda Lou Daughney, 45 and 41, as well as the beating death of Rev. Legere was loose at the time after escaping prison guards during a visit to a Moncton hospital. He later returned to his native New Brunswick. When a jury of six women and five men found him guilty on four counts of murder, Justice David Dickson told them: "I don't usually comment on verdicts ... People who lived alone moved in with family and friends for safety and gun sales increased. Legere was captured seven months later after one of the largest manhunts in Canadian history. David Hughes represented Legere in a murder appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada. May 3, 1989 - Legere escapes from the Dr. May 29, 1989 - Chatham shopkeeper Annie Flam is beaten to death. Ironically, the SCOC later ruled on five other cases similar to Legere's. October 13, 1989 - Sisters Donna and Linda Daughney are sexually assaulted and beaten to death in their home. It felt the book tended to lead its readers to believe Legere was guilty. The hearings determined the admissibility of DNA evidence. Of the 500 called 311 were exempted for various reasons while another 32 were excused from attending the selection ceremony. November 28, 1991 - Then Solicitor-General Bruce Smith said security costs charged to his department have climbed past $1.2 million.