This is the home studio of 1960s record producer, Joe Meek, who was known for producing such songs as "Telstar" & "Have I The Right", his innovative studio techniques, and for being a pioneer of space/experimental pop music. This address is also the location in which he gunned down his landlord in 1967, before shooting himself. As his career as a record producer waned, Meek suffered from many mental health issues and became extremely paranoid. He also became deeply obsessed with the occult and the idea of communicating with the dead. He believed that Buddy Holly (who died years early in a plane crash) would regularly visit him at this home. On February 3rd, 1967, the anniversary of Buddy Holly's death (colloquially known as "The Day the Music Died"), Meek seemed to be in a bad mood, as reported by his studio assistant, Patrick Pink. Upon hearing this, Meek's landlady, Violet Shenton, tried to speak with him. Her last words were "calm down Joe", followed by two gunshots. Meek had shot Shenton and quickly turned the gun on himself.