This old house was built on to in 2005 and History of the home was owned by Drakes and the home was used to vote in.The bus driver that took my children to school told me a girl died in the home as well as some slaves.I lived in the home in 2012-2016 and my family was tormented by spirits .Some were good and some evil causing harm to family members.We left the home and came back to find it squatted and vandalized beyond belief.Now it has black mold and sold at a commissioners sale.I have until August to redeem it for 11800$ or the purchaser gets a chance for the deed. Little do they know that they are in for a lot of turmoil and a big battle with a higher power. The gargoyles are to protect but do not make a difference in this home.If you want to know more about my experiences then ask.I am writing a book about my experiences in The Purple Haunted Mansion as we speak.